10 Marketing Strategies For Estate Agents

Our top tips – 10 marketing strategies for estate agents online, actually there is 11 here!



Identify your target area – Don’t be to to greedy when it comes to your target area. Focus on where your branch is based and then work your way out.



Valuation tools – Is your enquire form to long winded? Would you fill it out? It is about capturing data isn’t it! Instant val tools are great for converting more website traffic



Online calculators – make your website is a hub of information. Talked about subjects like Stamp duty and Mortgages are a great way to help. So why not have these on your website.



Multiple devices – We are in the mobile world and its so important that all your campaigns run across multiple devices and all your forms actually work so you capture all the moments that matter



Respond quickly – When an enquiry lands in your inbox from your website speed it vital so make sure these come through to your mobile or who ever can act fast



Social Media – Your online audience. Google and the search engines do look at your activity across these so be active. Second to that it could be where your next seller is hiding. Live online chat can help with this as well



Marketing Concept  – Just marketing your self as Free valuations and sending out thousands of leaflets is a very basic way to target people. To capture real sellers and landlords you need to think outside the box



Offers – Does the cheapest estate agent always will? NO However the agent with a monthly offer or something for free may gain an advantage



Brand awareness – With any marketing strategy for estate agents its about becoming more visible isn’t it? Within Online digital marketing these are ways to target this



Reviews – Online research is very popular so having a great online profile will hold you in a great position



Video – They say videos paint a thousand words. So whether is testimonials / case studies or property videos / Area guides these are all great content. Remember Google owns Youtube so why not use it. Google searches will love seeing video on your website.


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Tom Davis