Google’s Page Speed Update Has Now Been Rolled Out

Google announced this month that they’ll soon be rolling out a new change to show a line item for Google Image data in Google Analytics. Traffic data from image searches will now be classified as “google images” and may cause site owners to notice a significant drop in referral data coming from Google. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t lead to an actual drop in traffic from organic searches.

SEO experts noticed that Google Image referral URLs had mysteriously changed over the past month, and this led to suspicions that the tech giant would be changing the way Google Image data was being tracked in Analytics. Google confirmed this but was light on details. Now, Google has shown off significantly more details regarding the change.

In the past, referral data from Google Images was grouped as organic search data. The change will ensure that site owners can differentiate Google Image referral data, and Google shared some information on how it would appear. Under the source report, “google images / organic” will now be a separate entry, but the same data will be tracked such as users, new users and sessions.

It’s good to note that site owners don’t need to make any changes to their websites or to their accounts. There’s no option to change and no checkbox to tick, so everything will happen automatically. However, any custom groups or filters will need to be updated to account for the new changes.

Tom Davis