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Statistics show that up to 98% of new buyers will now use digital communications in their hunt for a new home. Understandably, then, engaging with the audience to help leverage success should be a key goal for all modern estate agents.

As with most businesses, estate agents should embrace the power of Google. After all, this will inevitably be the first point of interaction for the majority of buyers and tenants. A strong SEO ranking relies on a number of factors, though, and keeping abreast of the latest developments is pivotal. Right now, Google’s mobile speed update should be top of the list.

Here’s all you need to know,

What Is The Google Mobile Speed Update?

Google regularly alters its algorithm of sorting web pages in a bid to provide their users with the very best experience. The company’s latest confirmation is that “page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches”. Up until now, that page speed factor has only affected desktop browser searches, so this will shift the goalposts in the battle for supremacy.

Websites will be judged for a host of factors relating to the mobile browsing experience. This includes load times and navigation. Therefore, creating a website that is built with mobile device users is a priority.

This is especially true for estate agents as most people only trust the first handful of websites after completing a specific search. Most websites attract around half of their visits from the mobile demographic. But that figure can be even higher among audiences searching for potential homes. After all, homeowners and tenants will often browse properties from the sofa or on their commutes.

The bottom line is that without an increased emphasis on the speed of your mobile site, your visibility on Google will suffer.

When Do I Need To Act?

The updated algorithm will be used from July, so you still have some time to make the necessary changes to your site. The fact that this will provide a better experience for a large percentage of your client base should encourage you to make those changes ASAP.

To see the very best results, you’ll need to run an audit to see how things currently stand before making the necessary upgrades. Testing your site’s current speed performance includes using several tools. These include the Chrome UX Report, Lighthouse and Speed Insights.

If any shortcomings are present, rectifying them is the only way to stop your website getting penalised once the new update takes place. Ultimately, full mobile optimisation is the only solution if you wish to maintain (or improve) your current web traffic.

You can check your estate agent website mobile speed


In a world where most sellers will search and research online before choose that estate agent for them, never has it been so important

Online traffic, especially from the mobile audience, is more valuable than ever for your estate agency business. Stay ahead of the crowd by being prepared for those pending changes, and the door to sustained success will stay open. It truly is that simple.

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