It’s Munkey Business

Brand names often inspire confidence, and when you’re working with an advertising company that has a “Google Partner” badge, you should know that you’re in safe hands. But what does it actually mean to be a Google Partner, and what advantages does it give the end user?

Google Partners Are Ahead of the Curve

 All Google Partners have access to what’s known as “beta” features. These are essentially test features that haven’t been rolled out yet to all users. This means that you get access to advanced features that are still being tested which your competitors don’t have access to yet.

Google Partners Are Certified

 In order to get a Google Partner badge, staff that work for the company need to be certified. This means completing a number of different examinations that show they can follow Google’s own practices. Google Partners often specialise in one of many fields, such as search advertising, mobile advertising and even video advertising.

Google Partners Deliver Top-Notch Service

 Google Partners are constantly monitored to ensure that they can deliver the best possible customer experience to each of their clients. They also make sure that Google Partners are making effective use of the Google Ads platform to help their clients.

Google Partners Have Dedicated Google Representatives

 This essentially means that should you have an issue with your Ad service, a Google Partner will have direct contact with a dedicated representative at Google. This means your questions to Google will be answered immediately and there’s less wait time to get something fixed through the company you work with.

Tom Davis