Instant Valuation Tools Vs Standard Enquiry Form

It’s a hot topic for all home owners. Knowing the value of their home.
This week we have spoke to Valpal about their tool and here are some stats from them,
“We know an average agents site converts 0.25% of web traffic without having a lead magnet such as ValPal. On average our members convert 20% of these leads into a market appraisal within the first sales cycle (2/3 weeks) An additional 12% of the leads booked in their own market appraisal using the booking system on the results page without the agent even picking up the phone.”
We thought we would have a look at some popular instant valuation tools in the estate agent field today.
Here is a section below.
ValPal –
RightVal –
Virtualval –
ProVal –
myval –
SmartVal –
Are thoughts are to be able to capture data from online searches needs to be an easy process and the instant val tools certainly do this. In our opinion we would like to see both options within a website so you have the instant value tool as well as a simple book a valuation form. Let’s be honest, people could just go to Zoopla’s website and have a look at the value of their home. However i’d much rather the traffic came to my website and we captured the data whether they are selling now or in the future. Having an Instant valuation tool on your website is not the answer to then just get flooded with valuations. A strategy to marketing the instant val tools should always be in place. Let’s also not forget, once that instant val lead comes in there should also be a follow up process as well. Whether that is an email, phone or even a drop in.
They still will need to be consistently worked at.
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Tom Davis