Tips For Better SEO For Letting Agents

Letting agents are amongst the first to keep their finger on the pulse of the digital marketing world, able to more effectively reach a broader market of tenants and see properties off the market much quicker as a result. Google is one of the key tools for generating traffic, building leads, and bringing in new tenants and landlords alike.


If you want to maximise the benefits of the search engine, then you need a good approach to search engine optimisation (or SEO). So how do you do it? With these tips for better SEO for letting agents, of course.


When it comes to content, it’s about quality over quantity

When it comes to content, a common approach is to fill the site with as much of it as possible. However, Google pays just as much, if not more, attention to the quality of said content. Good spelling and grammar, descriptive page titles and URLs, and effective descriptions will all help you ranking.


Specific content regarding customers you want to target and topics that most interest them will help you gain rankings with keywords and phrases that they’re likely to search for, too.


Keep it connected

All digital marketing is growing more connected. For instance, you Google rankings are connected not just to your website but to the opinion of the masses, as well. Google uses data from several high-profile websites to create a profile for your Google My Business account.


The higher your ratings on Google My Business, the better your site’s rankings. Don’t be afraid to ask happy customers to leave their opinions and feedback on review sites if you want even more.


Similarly, your local listings are connected to your SEO success, too. It doesn’t take long to set up listings on Google Business giving your location, contact details, and site. All this helps direct customers in your area to your site over competitors that are farther afield.


Build a better site

A site that’s easier to navigate, with fewer dead links and images, will be much more pleasant for potential tenants and clients to use. However, Google’s also paying attention. Sites that are missing resources or are poorly formatted can get penalized for it by the search engine.


There’s a little more navigational help you can give search engines in the form of direct sitemaps, which your developer can build with little hassle. These help Google’s bots search through and index pages much more effectively, helping each and every page get picked up and displayed more quickly.


Achieve better SEO today

With the tips above, you can achieve the presence, visibility, and reach that your team has through Google. As a result, you get the authority of being one of the first search results your potential leads will see, and the traffic and business that come with it, too. Partnering up with Digital Munkey can be even more effective.


We offer bespoke SEO services for letting agencies, so get in touch and let’s get your site the space it deserves on Google.


Tom Davis