Jargon Buster – Social Media Buzzwords For Estate Agents

There’s a good chance your estate agency team is already using social media. There are few better platforms for posting the latest properties to attract tenants and buyers, or to disseminate your informative, helpful blog posts.

However, when it comes to getting serious about social media, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of jargon and buzzwords coming your way. Here, our jargon buster guide is going to break down all the social media buzzwords for estate agents, so you know what makes your posts work.


Effectively, analytics are a tool used to gather data from the web. In the case of social media, they’re the stats showing levels of engagement, visibility, conversions and more from a variety of different social media networks. By setting the right KPIs, you can use analytics to see how well you’re achieving social media goals.


Key performance indicators, used to set benchmarks for certain goals and to measure progress towards them. For instance, you may have a KPI of how many social media engagements you get per month which you can use to see your overall reach and visibility.


Also known as interactions. Engagements are effectively any way in which your audience might interact with your posts. Views are one thing, but engagements like clicks on links, likes, shares, and comments are much more valuable.

Content marketing

If you’re sharing blog posts on your social media, you’re already content marketing. It’s the art of writing and sharing content with the aims of redirecting leads back to your site, often with the hopes of getting them viewing and inquiring about properties in the world of estate agents.

Content shock

An important term for any estate agents using content marketing. This is a known phenomenon where there is so much content being produced at too rapid a pace for any user to engage with them all meaningfully. Content shock marks the point where engagement begins to drop across the board simply due to too much of it available at once.

Dark posts

Your standard posts are visible to all, often through timelines and account pages. Dark posts are different. These aren’t viewable normally but are most often pay-per-click ads distributed through the same social media platform.

Sponsored posts

On a few platforms, like Facebook, these are posts that have been made to your main channel like normal but have been sponsored with a set budget to help spread their visibility. Unlike PPC ads, they are not dark posts.


An increasingly important term, especially for estate agents who are selling or renting properties in specific areas, this is the act of sponsoring posts or launching ad campaigns specifically targeted at customers in certain locales, cities, or regions.

A little understanding goes a long way when you’re trying to optimise your social media marketing. A little help can go even further, however. Digital Munkey offers full social media management services for estate agents, so team up with us and we can help you learn what really makes great social tick.


Tom Davis