Tips For Better SEO For Commercial Estate Agents

Commercial estate agents are using a plethora of online tools to attract buyers, tenants, sellers, and landlords. Google is amongst the most powerful of them all, provided you can use it right. Here are a few key tips for better SEO for commercial agents to get the most leverage out of this increasingly important platform.

Keep it local

Local listings for your website on Google can help it quickly rise in the rankings for local searchers. Those closest to your premises are likely to see your site above those who are further away from them. However, using local keywords in property pages like “commercial property for rent in Leeds”, can help those individual property pages rank as well.

Use your reviews

A commercial agent can win a lot of happy clients over time, including buyers, renters, sellers, and landlords. If you can convince them to leave their opinions on the most promising review sites, it can help your SEO rankings, too. Your Google My Business profile takes reviews and ratings into account. The higher your rating and the more of them you have, the more it can increase your search engine visibility.

Take advantage of your social media presence

If you’re like many other commercial agents, you’re already using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to show off your properties to potential buyers and tenants. Posting on these channels and leading customers to landing pages from them can also help your Google presence.

Write great content

Well-written content, free of typos and grammatical errors, with descriptive URL,s and easy-to-read descriptions are great tools for converting potential customers. They’re also greatly appreciated by Google. An SEO audit of your site can quickly find the content that might be letting you down in rankings.

What’s more, it’s worth taking the time to craft great blog content, as well. Informative, educational, or helpful content for those most likely to use your services is a good start. For instance, you might have a post taking business owners through the steps of finding the right commercial property in their area, or a post on what they should be looking for out of their commercial property. The more relevant you can make to your target demographics, the better.

Build those links

Google pays attention not only to your own site but also the sites that link to it as well. How Google takes reviews into account is a good example of this. However, by using press releases, contributed articles, and guest posts, you can build inbound links from other sites to your own as well. It’s important to ensure your links are from relevant websites and preferably those that have a decent Google ranking, too. Build a bunch of easily bought links from irrelevant, low profile blogs and search engines will notice that it’s not all organic and may penalise you.

A better presence on Google can help make your site, business, and individual property listings all the more likely to get the clicks and attention they need. The more eyes you get on your properties, the quicker you can rent or sell them out, helping the business get the growth it needs.


Tom Davis