April In Search – Marketing For Estate Agents

April In Search – Marketing For Estate Agents

If you are hoping to make sure that you maintain your presence online, you to keep track of what’s going on in the search marketing world. As an estate agent, if you do this, then, you will be able to improve your ranking and see fantastic new levels of traffic to your estate agent website. So, let’s look at some of the trends that you should be paying attention to when perfecting your estate agent marketing campaign.

Avoid Buying Follows

You might think that buying follows is a great way to boost the support for your business online. After all, a higher number of followers makes your business look more impressive and popular. It can even provide the boost you need to increase your search ranking and social media is always fantastic for real estate companies. The visual element is great for highlighting homes and getting new options in front of the audience.

However, social media companies are now taking matters into their own hands. Facebook recently filed a US lawsuit to ensure a New Zealand company stopped offering a follower-buying service on Instagram.

It is likely that Facebook won’t stop here and have already begun to suspend accounts associated with the company. As such, it’s advised that real estate companies instead focus on increasing follower numbers organically.

Facebook Remains Strong

Estate Agent companies might be curious whether it’s time to abandon Facebook. After all, significant levels of bad press and a high penalty currently plagues the company. However, the latest figures suggest that the business is as strong as ever. Indeed, the company reached 2.8 billion in monthly users according to the latest Q1 earnings report. This is up 2.5 per cent and caused a total of $15.08 billion in revenue.

As such, there’s a lot of marketing potential here and real estate companies would be wise to continue using the social network.

 Start Using More Images

Lately, Google has been suggesting that SEO enthusiasts should be more focused on images. If you are running a real estate company, you will know how important images can be for landing viewings. Now, Google is developing strategies to ensure images are at the forefront of any SEO campaign. Indeed, the search engine giant has been increasing the number of times that images appear in the core web search results. They are now showing up in approximately ⅓ of all queries according to the latest reports.

Apple Fixes App Issue

Have you been getting complaints that customers and clients are struggling to download your app? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple has been working tirelessly to resolve the issue. The problem involved a terms and condition icon that would appear after users hit agree. While the issue was impacting a small number of users worldwide, it’s quite possible that it could still have stopped quite a few clients grabbing your app.

In the new age of multi-channel marketing, this could be detrimental to any campaign.

We hope this helps you keep track of the latest developments in search marketing for estate agents this month.


Tom Davis