Search Engine Optimisation For Estate Agents

Search Engine Optimisation For Estate Agents

Are you investing in SEO? Reports show that using SEO the right way can ensure that your estate agent website is seen by a larger audience and that your ranking improves for essential target keywords. You might even see stronger conversion levels.

If you stop using SEO, you can actually harm your marketing campaign online. Instead, it needs to be continuous. Let’s explore why this is and what it means for your company.

Understanding Keyword Trends

You might think that a keyword that is popular this month will still be popular by the end of the year. This isn’t the case though and keyword trends change and evolve more rapidly than real estate businesses often assume. This should impact your local SEO campaign and it’s why you need to be completing keyword research every month. Just look at the stats below to see how search volume can change within 9 years for targeted local SEO estate agent keywords.

google search change for estate agents

Comparisons of search volumes of local estate agent searches:

Keyword: “estate agents Bromley”

Search Volume (September 2014): 165 estimated searches a month

Current Search Volume (March 2019): 1000+ estimated searches a month

Keyword: “estate agents Glasgow”

Search Volume (September 2015): 240 estimated searches a month

Current Search Volume (March 2019): 1400+ estimated searches a month


Be searching these keywords regularly you can find which are important or competitive for your campaign. You can also make sure that a keyword is worth the effort. If a keyword is highly competitive and won’t deliver the traffic you want, it’s probably not worth targeting at all. Constantly improving how you target keywords will ultimately ensure that you get the attention of the right users who are more likely to convert.

Remember, as more estate agent competitors develop an SEO strategy, it’s going to be increasingly difficult for you to rank in the organic search results. As such a deeper understanding of keyword terms is going to be crucial.


New Advances In Google Algorithm

The Google algorithm determines what impacts the ranking of your site. Google is constantly changing and adapting how these algorithms work and respond to your estate agent website.

So, the SEO techniques you were using last year, may not be effective now. You have to be particularly careful of black hat link building methods. This is no longer an effective way to rank and could cause your website to get hit with penalties. These will obliterate your ranking. It once again highlights the importance of being aware of changes in the SEO world and ensuring that your campaign remains on point with new trends.


New Changes In How Users Search

Keywords aren’t the only factor constantly evolving that impacts SEO. How users search for product and services is also constantly shifting. Changes will continue and it’s crucial to say up to date.

For instance, a key development is a support for voice search. Smart devices such as Google Home are now making it easier than ever for users to ask questions rather than type in short keywords. So, rather than searching for something like ‘estate agent near me’ they might say ‘Hey Siri, which are the top rated estate agents in Glasgow?’ Long tail keywords and questions are becoming the norm.

Furthermore, Youtube is becoming a more popular search engine too. It’s now the 2nd largest search engine, beating Bing in terms of popularity. As such, it’s important that your SEO campaign reflects these new and exciting changes.


“We know that the main target audience for estate agents is online, where previous generations would be watching TV and reading newspapers. Vendors are turning to Google to answer every question they have” – Tom Davis, Owner Digital Munkey


Changes To Websites

Your website is another area where things can change in an instant. You should be constantly working to making changes to your site that reflect the new advancements in the Google algorithm as well as search engine trends. If you do this, you can make sure that you maintain a high level of online visibility for your estate agent website.

Are you working with a web development team? If so, they should be continuously making improvements to your site and ensuring that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to search engine optimisation. Companies that offer a one and done solution will not be providing the service you need to stay on top within the local searches.

We hope you find this information useful and understand why it is absolutely vital that you understand the latest trends in search engine optimisation for estate agents.



Tom Davis