10 Instagram Tips For Estate Agents

10 Instagram Tips For Estate Agents

Every estate agent needs to use Instagram. It’s a great way to market your business and promote newly released properties – while also keeping people updated on your company. So, here are ten tips to help you get started:

#1 Use relevant hashtags

Every time you post something on Instagram, make sure you use hashtags in the photo description. Not only that, but use ones that are relevant to real estate, like #estateagents #propertyprices #houseforsale and so on. This will help more people find your posts and follow your account.

#2 Engage your audience

Ask questions when you post things on Instagram to start a conversation. When people comment under your posts, engage with them and reply. This opens up a dialogue and makes you seem like a friendly company. Comment on other peoples posts as well; it helps create an excellent reputation for your business as you seem very approachable.

#3 Post videos

Instagram isn’t just about photos; you should post videos too. Videos help captivate audiences and show things a photo can’t. A good idea is to post videos of you going round a house. It gives people a better look at the property for sale, which can help spark interest from someone.

#4 Use Instagram stories to link to your website

The story feature lets you post lots of photos or short videos that appear for a day and then vanish. The benefit of this feature is that you can link to your website and get people to swipe up. So, post properties on your stories, then people can swipe up and go straight to the page on your site!

#5 Always put your website link in your bio

Ensure your bio has a link to your website at all times. This can be your homepage, or you can keep changing it to different properties. It sounds basic, but this helps you drive more traffic to your site.

#6 Use high-quality images

Everything you post must be in the highest resolution possible. Blurry Instagram photos look unprofessional and ugly. Treat every post like a photoshoot!

#7 Show behind the scenes footage

Don’t be afraid to post images of your office and employees. This helps humanise your company and creates a connection with your audience. People respond better when they know the people they’re dealing with.

#8 Create Instagram ads

Create and post your own property adverts on Instagram. In doing so, you can get more eyes on your properties, send leads to your site, and find more followers as well.

#9 Post regularly

If you post frequently, then more people are likely to follow you as they know you provide good content. They’ll be interested in your properties and any updates you might have. If you only post once a week – or less – then you won’t really attract many followers.

#10 Post at the peak times

Think about when people are most likely to be on Instagram. Typically, the peak times are in the evening after 5pm, or in the morning before 9am. By posting at these times, you’re more likely to see engagement as more people will be on the platform.


If you don’t have one already, then ensure you sign up for an Instagram business account. Now, you can use these tips to help promote your business and draw in some new leads.

Tom Davis