Google Advertising For Estate Agents

Google Advertising for estate agents

Google advertising brings a range of benefits to all kinds of businesses and professionals, and that includes estate agents. Google Ads is the industry standard and it’s by far the easiest channel through which to increase traffic, leads and sales. It can completely change how you advertise your business and services, and here are some of the campaign types that you can start with.


  1. Display Advertising


Google has a display network which incorporates a very broad selection of websites. These websites use Google Ads and adverts are displayed via them. This is where many businesses start when they use Google advertising for the first time. They can come in the form of text ads, image ads and video ads. They can also be used for remarketing purposes, which is when your ads target people who’ve already visited your website.


  1. Mobile Advertising


Google is now finding that its users are searching on their mobile devices even more than on desktop devices in some parts of the world. There’s a clear trend towards mobile searches, and you can make the most of this too. You can now create adverts that are specifically tailored to being displayed on smartphones. So, when someone decides to search for homes for sale when they’re on the go, you can make the most of that.


  1. Geographically Targeted Campaigns


A one size fits all approach to marketing your services might not work. People in different locations can search differently and you might want to target specific places where you’re trying to sell homes. It’s also the case that people use different words to search for the same thing depending on where they’re from. By factoring that into your approach to Google Advertising, you’ll make what are known as colloquialism-based efficiency gains. Analyse your data and advertise based on these variations.


  1. Video Advertising


Google owns a wide variety of digital properties and one of them is YouTube. This means you can use Google advertising to start using video adverts that appear as ads on relevant YouTube videos. There’s a variety of ad types you can use on YouTube. There are ads that appear before a video and ones that appear during videos, while some are shorted and can’t be skipped by the viewer and others are longer and can be skipped.


  1. Advertising on Google Search Results


There are more than 60,000 Google searches taking place every second across the globe. That’s just one of the reasons why it makes sense to advertise on Google search results pages. It’ll make your links stand out in a natural and relevant way. You can run ads on searches that are relevant to your business or even use ads that are displayed when people are searching for your direct rivals in an effort to steal their potential clients.


Google Advertising offers opportunities to estate agents that you simply can’t afford to pass up. If you’re serious about making serious gains in your niche, this is something that you need to start working on right away, and these campaign types above should help you to do that.

Tom Davis