Digital marketing for commercial agents

If you are working as a commercial agent, then it is important that you plan an effective digital marketing campaign. Regardless of what type of commercial client you are attempting to gain the interest of, there is almost a guarantee that they will be starting with an online search. You won’t have to go looking for them. Instead, they will come looking for you and that’s why the first step of your digital campaign as a commercial agent should be to make sure that you are found.



Getting found online is all about perfecting your SEO tactics. Be aware that SEO is a massive umbrella term and certainly isn’t as simple as it might first seem. You need to make sure that you are hitting all the boxes here to guarantee that your campaign is both effective and gains the attention of the right clients. Ideally, you should be aiming to make sure that your site appears on page one for your target keywords. Even Google can not guarantee this but there are various steps that can improve your ranking. Producing high-quality content which we will discuss further down should now be a key aspect of any commercial agent digital marketing campaign. You also need to think about on page and off page SEO to ensure that every area of your brand profile is optimized.


Social Media

With social media, it’s possible to market to and engage a commercial audience. Everyone is on social media these days and that does include potential commercial clients. You need to use social media to show them what they are looking for and why you can offer it to them. You also need to demonstrate that you have a valuable voice. Adopt a professional tone and provide them with the key information they need. You should be following the eighty: twenty rule here with only twenty percent of content being direct promotion.  


Paid Ads

If you want to avoid issues with organic SEO, it’s worth exploring paid ads. Paid ads can be built around a targeted campaign and ensure that they do appear when users are searching for your services. With paid ads, you can also explore the potential of the sponsored results section of the SERPs. By doing this, you will be tapping into a massive 30% of the user base online who will click these ads first before moving on.



In terms of content, you should be making sure that it is both targeted and actionable. Any content that you release should be created with your key target audience in mind. You need to think about the issues that they have and how you can address them. They could be looking for a new office or exploring expanding their business property. This is what you need to address in your content. The more interesting or useful you make content, the more likely it is to get shares which will increase your ranking.


Website Design

Finally, you must make sure that your website looks professional and delivers the message of your brand. Commercial clients do not want to work with an underdog and will determine how successful your company is based on how your website looks.


Tom Davis