Google’s Latest TV Advert UK

Google steps up it’s advertising with its latest TV advert for the summer

Using Icona Pop’s catchy track, ‘I Love It’, Google new TV advert reminds us just what a crucial role it plays in our lives. Featuring families using Google to check the weather forecast, planning routes to the beach and checking the opening times of lidos, the search engine giant highlights our reliance on its up-to-minute information and real-time data availability.

Whether it’s catching the latest traffic info to minimise journey times or learning how to light a barbecue in the classic British summer weather (rain!) or building a slide for the paddling pool, the advert recaps all of the ways we rely on Google.

By using the blockbuster track from DJs Icona Pop and Charlie XCX, Google grabs viewers’ attention instantaneously and conjures up memories of hazy summer days, relaxed beach adventures and fun in the water. With all of us keen to recreate summers gone by, Google cleverly mixes nostalgia with the latest technology; showing us how we can use our devices to maximise the fun this summer.

Perhaps what makes Google’s newest ad most effective is the range of demographics it appeals to. Featuring people of all ages, the search engine behemoth reinforces the idea that we all rely on Google to plan our days, learn new things and access amenities and attractions. Tapping into this almost universal reliance on tech, we’re shown how Google can help us to make the most of summer, despite the weather!

Furthermore, Google has ensured widespread appeal by featuring typical summer scenes which appeal to everyone. Eschewing expensive attractions and searches for luxury holidays, it is the homegrown luxuries and budget-friendly summer activities Google has chosen to showcase in its most recent advert.

Children sheltering in the rain, friends larking about in open-air pools, dancing in the car on the way to the coast, dancing at carnivals, playing tennis with an umbrella and enjoying ice creams all feature prominently in Google’s advert, and all of these classic scenes are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who has experienced a British summer.

Whilst focusing on aspirational summer activities, such as big days out, luxury hotels and long-haul holidays, may have been the easy option, but Google’s savvy approach has reminded us just how useful the search engine can be on a day-to-day basis. Whilst you may take the time to sit down and research a much-anticipated holiday online, Google wants to push its everyday uses with its latest advert, and it does so expertly.

If Icona Pop’s 2013 track, ‘I Love It’, isn’t enough to invoke summers past, images of typical summer scenes surely will. And when we’re struggling to barbecue under an umbrella, sitting in traffic on the way to the beach or looking for local attractions to enjoy this summer, it will be Google we turn to for help and inspiration.

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Tom Davis