How Is The Coronavirus COVID19 Going To Affect Estate Agents & Property?

Helping your estate agent prepare for the impact of the coronavirus outbreak


They running a series of webinars with expert advice to help you manage the impact on your business and people. You can sign up for this on their website
Fee’s to be reduced.

“Estate and lettings agents have shown great resilience through some challenging market conditions, but COVID 19 is an unprecedented situation and so we want to offer support, particularly around cash flow issues. Cash flow may become a challenge for agents until activity picks up again and transactions work their way through to completion.

That’s why we’ll be offering all qualifying agents the option to sign up to a deferred payment scheme for their existing membership package.”

Working from home

With social distancing measures now in place, many of you will be working from home – possibly for the first time. Now is the time to think about being more cloud based and making sure your digital marketing is right up to speed.

Here are a few digital mediums for estate and letting agents

New Website, Paid Search Advertising, Video targeting, Videoing Properties, Display & Retargeting Facebook Ads.

Be ready when everything gets back to normal

We predict that once all is settled down sellers and buyers are going to be even stronger in the market. Creating a huge spike. So we need you to be ready for when this happens. Having everything in place now will ensure that you don’t miss out.

We thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and well.

Team Digital Munkey



Tom Davis