What content is best for estate agents?

Are you giving readers what they want?

When you’re writing content as an estate agent, it’s a very common mistake to assume what everyone wants are hard facts – an update on the latest rental rules or changes to capital gains tax on second homes. After all, if you work in the property industry, that’s probably the sort of information that will catch your attention.

Ten years of reader statistics, however, have taught us that if you are targeting mixed audiences of buyers/sellers/renters and landlords, they have a very different set of priorities. If they’re considering moving, or there are big changes occurring, such as the introduction of the stamp duty holiday or a headline grabbing change in interest rates, their appetite for hard facts increases. However, in-between times, the majority are far more interested in reading property based lifestyle and design articles.

To illustrate this, below are some typical reader stats from an e-newsletter we produce for our agents.


1)      Design article – a stunning rear extension     25.5%

2)      The latest bathroom trends                              15.9%

3)      National property news                                    12.2%

4)      Local agent news                                               10.5%

5)      Home page                                                          10.0%

6)      Sprucing up your home this spring                9.7%

7)      Lettings update (changes to evictions)          6.3%

8)      Buying a house together                                    5.3%

9)      Mortgage news                                                    4.6%


As you can see, the design article received 4x the traffic of ‘Lettings Update’. The only high-ranking fact-based article is normally the “National Property News’. That’s because most people like to keep an eye on the value of their biggest asset – their home. Even so, only half as many people read it as read the design article. The driest types of articles, in this case the mortgage market and the legal ins and outs of buying a house together, consistently languish at the bottom of the list.

So, if you want your content to be ‘sticky’ enough to keep readers engaged with your brand in between the buying/renting/selling cycles, you need plenty of design/lifestyle articles (although they must be property-centric). That way, when they become active again, you’ll be top of mind. There are times, though, when a more fact based approach is required, especially if there is more serious news to impart. The key is to get the balance right.

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Paul Jamieson

Head Of New Business