Clean URL Structure

Clean URL Structure For Estate Agents

Not only does it help website administrators to have a clean URL structure, but it can also make a big difference in how search engines rank your site.

The URL is the address of your page on the world wide web. Your URL usually follows the format “https” followed by “www.” and then your website name.

A simple URL structure might be something like:




A complicated URL structure might look something like this:




The “php?language=e&status=20” part is, from a user perspective, redundant information.


Clean URLs Are Intrinsically More Shareable

People, in general, want to look at beautiful things. And although HTTP formats might be appealing to the programming geeks among us, they aren’t what regular users sharing URLs on Twitter or Facebook want to see.

Clean URLs Generate Higher Search Results Ranking

People are more likely to choose to visit websites whose URLs better match the content that they are looking for.


Clean URLs Make It Easier To Determine What The Page Is About

Search engine users will often scan the URL to determine what the page is about. The easier the URL is to interpret, the more likely a person is to visit the site.


Clean URLs Make It Easier To Display URLs In Third-Party Advertising Material

TV, magazines, and brochures are often more willing to display attractive URLs than they are those which look like gobbledygook.

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