Digital marketing agency for commercial estate agents

Digital Marketing Agency For Commercial Estate Agents

Digital marketing for commercial estate agents

DigitalMunkey are data driven, so when it comes to digital marketing for commercial agent we really know our stuff. Not you do we create bespoke campaigns but really look at targeting the right traffic. With the increasing number of buyers and sellers using the internet to start their search never has it been so important to have a strategy in place.

SEO for commercial estate agents

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Social media for commercial estate agents

Social media is when your audience is. People not only use social media to look for companies but also use it to research what location is best for their business or investment.

Paid search for commercial estate agents

There are a number of ways paid search can drive traffic to your website. Through social platforms, search engines, email marketing, video all great ways for a targeted audience to see you. Ad positions above the organic results means your customers cannot miss you

Granted, not all searches will return Ads, and in some instances organic results are preferable. But increasingly the searches that have purchase or transaction intent return a results set heavily weighted toward sponsored results.


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