Estate Agents Turn To More Digital Marketing

There has been a significant shift in terms of marketing and promotion for estate agents in the last few years. In the past, buyers would have no idea what they were looking for on the market. As such, it would be up to the estate agent to guide them based on their needs and desires.

Today, buyers are savvier and this is largely thanks to the world online. Buyers can search specifically for the homes they want and this is true for those looking to rent property too. They can do this using the portals that are available. At the same time, landlords and sellers use similar portals to find the estate agent they need as well. It’s a rapid process with very little interference or back and forth.

Estate agents use these portals as marketing funnels themselves. However, to do this, they must pay a increasing monthly fees. Many agents have been dismayed by the increases in prices for these portals recently and over the years and are now turning their attention to their own forms of digital marketing.

There are various ways that estate agents can use digital marketing to get their message across and find new clients.


Social Media

Estate agents can promote their business and indeed the homes they represent through social media. The first step will be finding out what social media clients use online. There are quite a few to consider including Facebook and Instagram. Instagram provides a visual platform where media such as photos and videos of homes can easily be shared.

At the same time, Facebook can be used for creating discussions as well as groups for clients. This can be vital for engaging clients and ensuring that they connect to your brand or company.

It’s key that you ensure that you do have a full social media strategy in place. Your marketing manager will be able to help here, ensuring that clients see the individuals behind your business and that attention is drawn to success stories as well.



Of course, estate agents also need to make sure that they are spending time and effort on SEO. SEO will ensure that clients can find your business online and that they connect with your company. You need to aim to be on Page one of the SERPs for targetted keywords. This will ensure that people do find your website and that you can generate the leads you need. Backlinks, social media pages, online directories as well as meta descriptions are all key parts of the SEO process that estate agents must now be aware of.



Finally, estate agents should be using content to connect with clients and customers. By providing the right content, estate agents can engage and ensure that they are tackling key questions that these clients want you to answer. You can also demonstrate expertise on the market and this is key when you are trying to impress or gain the interest of landlords and sellers.

Using options like this it is possible to gain more from digital marketing than the typical portals can offer for a price that is far more cost effective.

Tom Davis