Local Area Guides For Estate Agent SEO

Why Local Area Guides Are Great For Estate Agent SEO?

Being on the first page of a local area search as an estate agent is the perfect dream. As we all know first page results are key to get the vendor to click on your estate agent website. This is why local area guides for estate agents SEO are great as they are a single page talking about that area.




Local, Local, Local

Vendors like to choose that local property expert for their area. Having a branch in that area is obviously powerful when targeting certain properties, however if you don’t, local area guide will help to show that you cover this area.

Be Very Relevant

If your vendor or landlord is searching for an estate or letting agent in a particular area, there would like to see a number of things once they have got to your website.

Area testimonials

Area information

Sold properties for that area

Let properties for that area

Local lifestyle information

Work together to deliver great results

We’ll look to work with your in-house team and any external partners to provide you with the services required to give your campaign the best chance to perform.

Great insights

We have great insights to a number of estate agents in lots of different areas, so we can tailor the right Ads for your agency for the start.