Longtail Keywords For Estate Agents

Benefits On Long-Tail keywords

97 percent of interactions online still begin with the use of a search engine. However, the way users engage with search engines has changed. Rather than inputting one or two keywords, users are now far more likely to use long-tail keywords. Understanding this should impact how you optimise your estate agent business website and the rest of your profile online.


What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are considered to be a keyword phrase that contains three or more keywords. An example of this would be ‘houses for sale in Weybridge.’ A key point to take away from this is that when you optimise with long-tail keywords you will be aiming to reach a niche audience rather than a more general one.

Location targeted

Long-tail keywords often include regional identifiers which in our example would be Weybridge. Targeting with this regional identifier will increase the chances that people who find your website or brand are part of the local audience in your area.

Search Queries

There are various benefits of using long-tail keywords for estate agents. For instance, ‘property values in the Sevenoaks’ is less competitive than ‘property values.’ As such, there is a great chance that you will rank higher for this key phrase than the shorter one. Furthermore, long-tail keywords will appear more naturally in content. They can even be questions and queries such as ‘what it’s like to live in Weybridge.’ This ensures that you can directly answer the queries of users online and avoid the chance of receiving a penalty for your content due to keywords not fitting in naturally.

Work together to deliver great results

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