Importance of digital marketing

Given the importance of digital marketing in the strategy of a modern estate agents, embracing the best techniques and tools is vital. If you’re going to achieve great things remarketing should be top of the agenda.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is essentially the idea of repeating an advert until the client pays attention. In truth, you’ve encountered this many times over the years. If you’ve ever looked at a pair of shoes only to see the advert for them follow you around for weeks, that is a prime example of remarketing in full swing.

Given that most paid online advertising is on a Pay Per Click basis, this is a great way to enjoy greater efficiency. When combined with target marketing and continued analysis, the results should be fantastic.

Why Is Remarketing Especially Crucial For Estate Agents?

Let’s face it; buying (or even renting) a property is one of the biggest decisions anyone can ever make. As such, the chances of someone picking a new home on a spare of the moment is virtually non-existent. It can take months of research and decision-making before a client even thinks about booking a viewing. From an estate agent’s perspective, keeping your listings fresh in their mind is key.

By displaying adverts, particularly of listings they may have looked at, visitors will be encouraged to return. Even if it takes several visits over the coming weeks, this will often result in an appointment for a viewing. Not only is this great for conversions, but it also thwarts the threat of competitors that list the same homes winning the war for commissions.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Remarketing is made available through the use of cookies. Most people will know what the term relates to. If you don’t, it’s basically a stored piece of data relating to a user’s browsing history. This is primarily used to create a faster browsing experience. However, it can be a great tool for advertisers looking to market products to audiences that have already shown an interest.

Before running a campaign, though, the remarketing list must contain at least 100 cookies. Therefore, your original PPC ads must reach enough people and gain engagements from them. This is why CTAs that get people to click a particular property have a vital role to play. Once the campaign is active, those adverts will keep appearing, which should see organic traffic from the target audience grow. In turn, this can only boost the chances of valuations or your instant valuation tool filed out.