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What is SEO For Estate Agents? (natural/organic search)

Short for search engine optimisation. SEO for estate agent is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

First Page Results

Being an estate agent and having first page results will definitely get you more instructions and more business. SEO for estate agents has very been so important as in the digital world we live most people research the internet before they choose which agent to choose.

Recognised by Google as specialists in SEO for Estate Agents and the property sector, we understand search like no one else. We are experts in many areas online for the property industry, whether you are looking to be top on Google or on Page 1 we can defiantly help.

There are various ways we can drive specific traffic to Estate Agent websites, Organically or Paid. The Key to search is not just appearing, it’s converting the web traffic.

Why is SEO for estate agents so important?

Today’s estate agents cannot wait on branch walking or previous sold properties people are just not that loyal anymore. Ranking on Google for key terms is massively important for when the vendor starts their property search.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing what estate agent to call out, on the first page alone in most local areas there are 3 paid listings, the big 3 in the map then 9 organic listings and maybe 3 more paid search results towards the bottom of the page. So I total there could be 18 estate agents just on the first page.

Our goal is to appear many times on that first page with a great looking website to make sure you capture that searcher. Rank positions are key and 67% of search clicks will go to the first 4 listings.

Estate agent SEO Keyword research

Working within this industry for over 6 years now when have a huge amount of keyword research that will work in many areas. Obviously, keywords searched do evolve over time and we have tools in place like Googles keyword planner, MOz and other ranking tools to make sure we are ahead of all competition. We will look at actual keyword search volume for the estate agents’ key areas as well as analyzing website pages to make sure Google is calling the right page.

Looking at the keyword searched data it is not always the biggest searched phrases that will generate better ROI as sometimes the lower searches phrases are the sellers as those phrases are much more targeted. Whereas buyers and tenants may over search giving us the wrong data. Business owners often have an idea of the most popular searches their prospective customers are inputting into Google, only to find out they may have been targeting the wrong term.

For example, “estate agents east London” obviously a huge searched phrase – great is you need tenants or buyers. Smaller search phrases being “estate agents E9” or “estate agents Hackney” much lower search but much more targeted.

Benefit from longtail searches


What are longtail keywords? Ok so within search these are more descriptive phrases sometimes questions like, “What’s it like to live in Epsom?” or “2 bed flat values in Glasgow” Great to build your website out with this type of content and these searches are low but achievable to rank high in them. People like asking question or being more descriptive in search nowadays.

SEO for estate agents within the property section and appearing under property related search is tricky for quite a few estate agents as most use a live feed to the portals. It very important that you send all stock to your website first.

So that way Google is not seeing duplicated content. Creating a clean URL structure with road and postcodes within the property listing I also a key ranking factor. Estate agents with just numbers and special characters will find it very hard to rank. Google does not like this.

Be very relevant is key to Google showing the best result.

We all like to use Google as not only is it simple but it returns (most of the time) the result that we was looking for. For example – If you are looking for an estate agent Epsom and you type in ‘Estate agents Epsom’ you’d expect to see a list of Epsom estate agents. Google will return the most relevant website, otherwise will wouldn’t find the answer we were looking for. So, to be the most relevant you most a page about that searches term to at least give you a chance to rank.

Targeted area ranking for local estate agent SEO

First page ranking for your local branch town is not easy but much easier with an address rather than outside towns. However, it is possible. Local area guides and local information is key to this and making sure your website is a huge hub of information. Ask yourself this question “would you sell your home with an estate agent that does not talk about your village or town on their website?”

There are many key elements to making sure a page ranks within Google

Page structure, title tags, H1, meta descriptions, pictures, page content many variables to the page being visible through Googles algorithms. Google does not give out the answers to if you do this you will climb to the first page, however with time and our experience we will get your website higher up the google rankings.

Quit Munkeying Around!

Being experts in search and only focusing on the property sector we know exactly what searches work and what doesn’t. If you can imagine a funnel of keywords are put into a system, some lead to calls, some lead to sales and some don’t and could waste budgets quite easily. We know this property industry that well it works straight away!

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong marketing company that does not just focus on this will inevitably lead to limited results. By using the industry experts in SEO for estate agents and using our digital marketing strategy insights/tools, you can be sure that more people will land on your site over time and convert if you’re using us.

Google my business & Google maps

We have written a blog on Google maps for estate agents which you can read here however duplication of multiple branches is a common issue for most estate agents that we work with. It’s the case of pulling everything together and merging pages. It’s one of our first key sections to starting a brilliant SEO campaign for estate agents.

Being consistent address local business directories is the only thing that needs to be duplicated. For example, a lot of estate agents have high street branches which could have the address of 23-25 High Street, now on the estate agents website this could read right, but across it could read 25 High Street. This will confuse Google and is not good practice. Google will lose confidence and play negative to your ranking factor.

We was on the 3rd page for our main searches when Digital Munkey took over our SEO. It took a while but SEO is not a quick fix. We are now right at the top of the first page, we are really seeing results. 

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