Keywords Planner

Keyword Planner

When it comes to search engine marketing, keywords play a huge role. Both in organic search engine optimisation and pay-per-click Google Ads, you want to make sure your content is built around or to facilitate the right keywords. But what makes the right keyword?

Try out our Google Ads keyword planner strategies today and get in touch with Digital Munkey to take your PPC campaign to the next level. We offer a wide range of Google Ads services to ensure you’re getting everything you can out of the platform.


How to find new keywords?

The Google Ads keyword planner allows you a host of ways to generate new, popular keywords that can help connect you with new visitors. You can enter single words most related to your business, phrases of 2-3 words describing your services, or even enter a URL from your site, such as your homepage. The Keywords Results Page will show you a list of examples you can take and use,

Why you need a Google Ads keyword planner?

When your potential visitors and customers are searching the web, they’re searching using specific words and phrases. The aim of your search engine marketing is to align the keywords you use in your content and copy with the same words and phrases that they are using. To that end, Google Ads keyword planner can research what, exactly, they are, giving you the keywords you need to make your ads appear to a lot of searchers who would naturally be interested in them.

At Digital Munkey, we offer a Google Ads keyword planner strategy that ensures your ads are launched using the keywords most likely to get you the visibility, clicks, and conversion you need. There’s no need to gamble on keywords any longer.

Choosing the right keywords

From the Keywords Results Page, you will likely have hundreds of options to choose from. The next step is finding those most useful to your business. You can narrow your results down by location, language, and search networks. You can also use filters to ensure all results contain certain keywords that are most relevant to your content, products, and services.

You can use this tool to see the average monthly searches and level of competition for each result, so you avoid those keywords that are too popular (and thus harder to compete for) as well as the keywords that get too few searches and thus won’t direct much traffic your way. You can even see how much you might have to bid for with each keyword so you can choose those that offer the greatest ROI.

Using metrics and forecasts

When you have a list of keywords, the metrics and forecasts can help you see the latest data on trends regarding those choices. You can see predictions of how many clicks and impressions you’re likely to get from ads using each keyword. With the Keywords Results Page paired with the Metrics and Forecasts page, you can see which words and phrases are likely to get the most amount of attention for the least investment.

Work together to deliver great results

We’ll look to work with your in-house team and any external partners to provide you with the services required to give your campaign the best chance to perform.

Great insights

We have great insights to a number of estate agents in lots of different areas, so we can tailor the right Ads for your agency for the start.